VYNTRA Cutting edge technology

In the age of the global economy, customers ask for precise solutions to their requests. VYNTRA PRINT and VYNTRA LASER are the fruit of technological innovation at the service of the new market demands. A new market which is creating new behavioural patterns in customers regarding their product demands. Our new customer profile requests better and higher quality products.

Vyntra Print

VYNTRA PRINT is born from the cooperation between the companies Fieldcenter INC and Tecnología y Aplicaciones Láser SLU – TAL SLU. After several years of training and technical experience, its printers, ink and other supplies are marketed both nationally and internationally under the brand Vyntra Print.

Vyntra Print has got a sales department and a technical department which have a longstanding experience in the field.

They will make sure the equipment is implemented and operates properly and they will provide training for users of Fieldcenter printers. Our facilities have the technology and machinery which are needed in order to carry out Inkjet UV print heads recovery service.

Vyntra Láser

Vyntra Láser was founded with the aim of creating, designing and manufacturing highly accurate laser cutting machinery.

This company is the result of the cooperation between Maquinaria Barton SL in Valga, Pontevedra (Spain) and Tecnología y Aplicaciones Láser SLU – TAL SLU – in Alquerías, Castellón (Spain).

Vyntra Láser is solely responsible for the selling of high quality machinery at an international level.



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